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Mobile Application Development

Emery-Waterhouse is now creating applications for Android powered mobile devices. Below is a list of our current applications.  Click on the links to download and install the applications.

If you have an idea for an application that you'd like to see us develop, let us know.


Emery Ordering Application for Android - This application allows you to use your Android 2.2 or higher smart phone or tablet to place orders with Emery-Waterhouse.



KEmeryOrders - Download this application to place your orders using your Android device and a KDC200 or KDC200i Bluetooth barcode scanner.

EmeryOrders - Download this application to use a Scanfob 2002 Bluetooth scanner and the SerialMagic Gears middleware application.


KEmeryOrders updates - Check for the updates and version information of the application.

EmeryOrders updates - Check for the updates and version information of the application.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

The Koamtac KDC200(i) scanner is recommended by Emery for use with the Emery applications. It works with Emery applications without the need for a middleware application. This is a more feature rich device than the Scanfob 2002.

The Scanfob 2002 scanner is a less expensive Bluetooth barcode scanner. It requires the use of the SerialMagic gears application to make the connection between the scanner and Emery's applications.

Emery-Waterhouse does not endorse any one vendor for purchasing a Bluetooth scanner.

Third Party Applications

SerialMagic Gears - Middleware application used to provide connectivity between a Bluetooth scanner and and the Android device